Frameworks team can help you create a series of explainer videos to simplify your business and make new products or services easily digestible for your audience. By detailing your business through graphics, narration, music, you can give your viewer an avenue to quickly understand your company and to be engaged.

Recent Project

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SANOFI                                                              VTE AWARENESS                                          2019



Create an awareness campaign for VTE with a captivating 2D animated Clip


We pitched the causes, the effects, and the preventions from VTE and created a combination of animation and infographics to illustrate our storyline. To reinforce our story, our VO talent voiced the script. Our graphic designer delivered an appealing, credible, and vibrant mood-board. The animator brings to life with creativity with an ease story flow.  


Scriptwriting | Graphic Design | Animation | Voice Over Recording | Editing | Sound design | Sound Mix | Online Delivery